Episode 1

Published on:

10th May 2022

A Visit to Last Hope Camp

Get a glimpse into life at Last Hope Camp; meet some of the dedicated people camped out in the middle of a maritime winter and be inspired by their passion and good spirits. 

Join me for my first visit up to the Last Hope Wildlife Corridor, which is a forest slated for logging in Annapolis County, in the Kespukwitk district of Mi’kma’ki (in Nova Scotia), and is home to several at-risk species.

Through every kind of weather, for over five months now (at the time of the episode release), rotating groups of campers have been protecting this small area of forest and wetlands through direct action. In addition to the people spending overnights here are hundreds near and far who are also offering energy and resources to saving this forest. Hear why members of Extinction Rebellion, Mi’kmaw grandmothers, hunters, fishers, and others are combining their strength and care to stop logging here.

Get a feel for why folks have been leaving the comforts of their own homes to protect these lands, and about some legal challenges of those who have even been willing to get arrested. During a walk in the woods, you'll hear a touching story of how Extinction Rebellion came to be in Nova Scotia and about some of the reasons and risks of engaging in direct action.

Stay tuned for my return visit to Last Hope Camp, where I meet the oft-mentioned Nina Newington!

Episode resources:

Harvest Plans Map Viewer

Healthy Forest Coalition (HFC)

Medway Community Forest Cooperative

Ecology Action Centre (EAC)

Sierra Club

Paul Hawken's latest book: ReGeneration Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation

The "Lahey Report" (officially titled: An Independent Review for Forest Practices in Nova Scotia)

IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) latest report

CBC Interview on Information Morning with Portia Clark and WestFor president Jamie Lewis (Dec./21)

Find the online fundraising auction for Eleanor at "Extinction Rebellion Mi'kma'ki/NS online auction to Assist with Legal Fees". It will run until noon on Friday, May 27.  


Find frequent updates and stories from the camp at this eco-action page

How We Thrive (find the Land Water Spirit platform there)

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