Episode 22

Published on:

18th Nov 2023

Restoring Relationship with the Lands (a compilation)

This episode is a compilation of short segments of some previous Shared Ground conversations!

It includes wisdom and inspiration from Shawn Feener, Nina Newington, Diane Obed, Rosmarie Lohnes, Rob Bright, Kim Thomson, Dr. Jenn MacLatchy, and Bob Bancroft 

Following are the full episodes from which these segments originated (in order of appearance)

Meeting Mi'kmaw Knowledge Holder Shawn Feener

A 3-pronged approach to sustainability with Rosmarie Lohnes

Forest Protection and Community Care with Nina Newington

Save Our Old Forests: A Conversation with Rob Bright

Managing for Healthy Forests with Bob Bancroft

Decolonization and Healing with Diane Obed

The Sky Pillar, A Bridge to the Night

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Maintaining and regenerating forest ecosystems is one of the most important necessities of our time, and contributes to everything from carbon sequestration to healthy children.

Join Amanda Bostlund as she meets with various folks in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) and beyond to talk about forests as our shared ground, for all species, humans and not. We explore the incredible value of thriving forests, methods and mindsets for their protection, and regenerative solutions for how we interact with and within them.

One of the main purposes of this podcast is to hear opinions, perspectives and ideas from many different people, and not to treat any of them as the be all and end all. What you hear does not necessarily represent the opinions of the host. The hope is that you consider whatever content you hear for yourself and enjoy the journey of making sense of these complicated, interconnected issues of our time.

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