Episode 24

Published on:

10th Feb 2024

South Spore Mushrooms: Amanda’s FUNgal conversation with Josh Clark

In this conversation with Josh of South Spore Mushrooms, we hear more about his mushroom-growing adventures, both indoors and outdoors, as well as a bit about mushroom hunting, and his favourite ways to cook mushrooms.

Josh Clark began building the business of South Spore Mushrooms two years ago. He also works off-shore as a chef, and plays in the Celtic punk band, Black Matilda. He and his wife and their three kids (who sometimes help with South Spore Mushrooms!) live in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia.

To hear more about South Spore Mushrooms, check out the previous episode (#23), of an interview from CVCR.

Find the South Spore Facebook page here


Fantastic Fungi documentary 

Paul Stamets 

What The Fungus Mushrooms

Local mushroom producers mentioned:

Feeney’s Fungi  

Fancy’s Fungi (vends at the Bridgewater market)

Josh’s favourite ways to cooks mushrooms:

Sautee with shallots and butter (or olive oil or butter+tallow) and

a) with caraway, raw honey and salt OR b) with garlic and sherry

Supplies and equipment mentioned:

Autoclave, Unicorn grow bags, laminar flow hood, Martha tent

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